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Designs by Royi .B. Artist Royi BerkovitzHave you ever seen someone on the street and thought to yourself: "Wow! This guy's T-shirt is AWESOME!"?

If you have, then you would probably understand why I created this website. See, as a kid, I used to draw all the time. I stopped drawing at a certain point, and got back to it in 2012 or so. I had an idea, in my head, that maybe, someday, somehow, people just like you, would wear something that I created. 

Some time ago, I came to the understanding that THIS is what I want to do in life... If you would walk in the street, and someone will say to you: "Wow, that's an AWESOME T-shirt", and that shirt would be one that I created, then I will have earned my stripes as an artist. 

I collaborated with shops in the U.S. and now, we bring my art work to your doorstep, with ease. 

I hope you would like my artwork presented here. Feel free to SHARE designs that you like with others, and, obviously, anything you order will be produced within 48 hours, and sent to you shortly after.

Feel free to contact me , and we'll get back to you shortly.

Thank you for visiting.
Royi Berkovitz                                       




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