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Return Policy

For the most part, our clients are happy with their items, as we make the effort of providing the best quality on the market  - The materials are very good quality, the printing is monitored and checked professionally, and the fabric quality is great for all our apparel as well.

However, it can be that someone picked the wrong size or that an item got broken (not likely, as we wrap it well, but could happen) on the way to a client.

Obviously, if, by any chance, the item you ordered is defected or broken, in any way, we would send it to you again, or refund your money - whichever you would prefer. 

Since this is an online store, it may happen that you get a T-shirt or a dress that, at the end of the day, just isn't your size. In order to prevent such instances, you can (and should) check out our sizing information before ordering fashion items from the store. The size chart can be found next to any clothing item we offer. 

If the size still doesn't fit you, we would re-print and send you your T-shirt, the size that will fit you. 

In case you encounter any challenge regarding your order, or just want to understand how to figure out what your size is, please contact us and we would be happy to assist.





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