The Importance Of Wearing A Face Mask

The Covid 19 Fiasco is here and I don't think it's going away anytime soon. It would take at least 10-15 months to develop a cure and a vaccine, to test them properly and to have them approved by the FDA. 
So, in the meantime, we, people, will have to learn to live with it. Part of the problem for many countries, including the US, is that there are too many severe cases of the disease at one time, in one place, and this contributes to the many, many cases of deaths we see.
"Wearing a mask isn't going to protect you from getting infected, as much as it will protect others from getting infected by you".
That sentence was explained to me by my stepfather, who is a doctor.
He explained that the aim of the mask is to keep our small particles of spit to ourselves, thus not spreading them around.
In other words - if  we ALL were to wear masks when we step outside our homes, the virus wouldn't be able to spread, as we would stop infecting each-other. 
Now, just because I create interesting looking (yet very effective) face masks, does not mean you need to wear my masks. Imagine that this article isn't written by a designer, but by a guy who is sick of seeing people not giving a f**k and walking outdoors like it's a normal situation. Well, it's not. If you're not working right now, due to the situation, and you've had a job before it all started, then it's not a normal situation. 

This is true, 100% true. If you don't wear one, you will, potentially, infect other people. Just imagine your parents or grandparents, if you're lucky enough to still have them, infected by some smock that decided that "looking cool is more important than saving lives". Sure, that smock didn't knowingly decide that, probably, but that's what his actions mean. 
See, we may be carriers of the disease right now and not know it. We may even be sick and not know it, as each of us may react differently to the virus. It takes up to 14 days to even show symptoms of the disease, if we will show any, because even that's not sure. 
The main reason people don't wear a mask is because they feel uneasy wearing one. They feel like it doesn't look good on them. They are afraid of what others will think about them.
 For this exact reason, I have created this mask collection, so that you can look awesome while still protecting others. Hopefully, They'll do the same for you.
Now, I don't say you're supposed to wear my masks, just make sure you wear one. You can either make one yourself, or just get the very simple ones at the nearest convenient store, but just wear one.
Think of it this way: The more sick people there are, the harder it's going to be for the economies to get out of this situation and, unfortunately, the more cases of real useless deaths will keep happening, which could be your grandparents or parents as well, or you. 
I'm not writing this to scare you, just to keep you minded to the situation at hand. 

I want to give you a small incentive to  wear a mask, so if you use the code "WEAR A MASKat the checkout page on my store, you'll get a $2 discount, for every mask you order, plus, it's FREE SHIPPING on everything on my store, due to the situation.


I'd appreciate it if you share this article with others, as I think saving ourselves and others from ever catching this virus should be our main goal right now.

Thanks for reading this. Have an awesome day.