The Top 17 Wrestling T-shirt Designs!

Best Wrestling T-shirts

Have you ever wanted to order a really cool wrestling T-shirt for yourself (or as a present to a friend who likes wrestling), but didn't know where to look for one? It is hard to find that one T-shirt that is exactly what you were looking for. I have decided to search the internet and find what I believe are the 17 best wrestling T-shirts out there, so that you won't have to.

Royi BerkovitzMy name is Royi Berkovitz and I am a T-shirt designer. I have been interested in T-shirts most of my life, and started designing around 2012. I also happen to LOVE WRESTLING!

Obviously, I did not include my own wrestling designs (and there are a lot of them) in this list. You'll be able to see those at the end of this post.

I wanted this post to present some awesome artists and their work. I can also honestly say that the artist and websites mentioned here do not know that I am writing about them. This article is based on my opinion alone, so if you are mentioned here, it is because I really appreciate your art.

I believe that a good design has to have one of two things, or both:

A great idea

The idea is, more often than not, is at least as important as the actual drawing or design itself. A T-shirt with a good design idea is better, in many cases, than a really nicely drawn (or edited) T-shirt, with an "okay" or a bad idea. 

A beautifully made design

On the other hand, if a T-shirt is made so beautifully that it takes your breath away,then the fact that the idea isn't always awesome, doesn't matter much, because if the T-shirt is beautifully made, it will still be bought and become a success. 

Obviously, the best T-shirts have both a great idea, and a great design to match that idea.

So, without further ado, lets get on with the top 17 Wrestling T-shirts online.

17. El Gato

This art combines two things I love - cats and wrestling. It is put together well.
The designer is Stacy James Eyles, a.k.a Fight Stacy. 

 16. Luchasaurus

Another thing I love is dinosaurs. Chet Art did a great job combining the two. I don't know if this is an actual wrestler, but the drawing looks great. I also bet the finishing move of this dinosaur is a Gore. 

15. Dre


That is a cool use of Andre's name, in correspondence with Dr. Dre.
I think Andre would have laughed.

14. Thumb Wrestlers

Drawn by Tom Burns, this gives a new look to the "Thumb Wrestling" concept.  

13. Hello Ziggy

Here is a nice mix of Dolph Ziggler and Hello Kitty. Too bad I do not know who the artist is. It's a funny art work. 

12. Jushin Thunder Liger - Champion

That is a great drawing. Great wrestler as well. It was drawn by StrongStyled. 

11. Pandamania

Here is a nice parody for you. Well done. 
Design by Tom Bryce. 

10. French Bulldog Wrestler

So cute. With these ears, it could have been Batman, but a wrestler is just as good. 
Drawn by CarlosPeaCo.

9. Knock Out Bear

This is so well made, I could have believed this is actually Kevin Owens. 
I like this drawing by Jay Holland.

8. Cigar Mascaras

This is a nice piece of Art. I think Mil Mascaras would have been proud. I'm not sure though, regarding how much he liked the godfather. 

7. 4 Horsemen

Classy. Elegant. That is a nice design. Though it is Photoshop and not a drawing, I think it is very well made. Credit to Brodie Leigh for the design. 

6. Finn Balor Demon King

I easily understand why someone would draw Finn Balor, especially as the demon character. It is such a colorful thing to see. This is well shown in this very nice drawing by Super Villain.

5. Happy Lucha

This is the happiest design I have seen all day. 
I included it because right now, looking at this, you have to feel good about yourself. 

4. Hell Yeah!!

I have included art by Vincent Trinidad on other posts, since I really like his art. 
I do not like Hogan as much as I did when I was a kid, but there is no denying the contribution he made for this great business. Vincent - great work. 

3. Forever Madness

I just love drawing the Macho Man. His off-the-chart clothes and persona are always great to watch. I do not know who the artist who drew this design is, but e did a great job. 
What won this 3rd place, for this drawing, is the "finger spin" effect. That's great. 

2. Los Perros De Reserva

Wow, this is a great design! I have seen many Reservoir Dogs designs, and this is on of the best. WrassleBox really made an awesome design here. 


Honorable Mentions




and the first place:

1. Lucha Viveros

Drawn by Brian Viveros, this is one of the most beautiful wrestling related drawings I have seen yet. 

Let me thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I hope you found some awesome designs here. If you liked this post, be sure to share it with others.

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Now, as promised, some of my own wrestling designs: 


Find my wrestling collection here:


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