Affiliates of Designs by Royi Berkovitz

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Become our affiliate and start earning :) 

We now offer you a unique opportunity to make money by promoting our store. 

In essence. you'll get a link that will let us know whenever you refer a client who purchases products from the store.
Whenever such purchase is made, you'll get a commission for that sale.

Who is this perfect for?

If you have many (at least 1,500) followers on social media, and are willing to create posts, videos and content that will be engaging and invite your followers to our store, this is exactly for you.

Who is this not perfect for?

If you think that just by becoming an affiliate, you're going to drive sales and earn money, than this isn't for you. This is because creating sales will require you to create content. 

What's the potential here? What do you have to invest?

For starters, know that in order to become an affiliate of ours, you do not have to invest or spend any money. You will, however, have to spend a little bit of time, creating posts or videos that will invite your loyal followers to our store. 

Obviously, if you order some of our merch for yourself, it will probably look more authentic when you take a picture of yourself wearing our designs, than if you simply create a post using our models.

The potential is endless!

If you create a post that is seen by 1,000 people, and only 20 of them (2%) will place an order, averaging $50 an order, you'll easily make a $100 profit from that one post.

However, if you have 10,000 followers, that same post can easily make you at least $1,000 in commission. 

Now that you know the essence of how it works, lets take this a step further...

3 easy steps to make money with us

How to apply for the program?

It's easy to apply. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click here and fill in the form. 
  2. We would review your form, and in case all is good, we would approve you as an affiliate. You'll be notified by email.
  3. Once you become an affiliate, don't forget to choose how you want us to transfer your earnings, at the affiliate dashboard.

How much will I get paid? How often?

  • You will get paid every month, for the previous month's referrals you have generated, no later than the 10th of the month.
  • Any purchase made using your unique link, within the 30 days after the customer has clicked it, will automatically be registered to your name.

Our Affiliate Programs:

  • The Standard Program, for monthly sales of up to $1000.
    This is the starting program.
    You will get 10% commission for every sale.

  • The Premium Program, for monthly sales of $1000+.
    Once you sell over $1000 worth of products, you will be upgraded to this program.
    You will get 15% commission for every sale.

  • The¬†Gold¬†Program, for monthly sales of¬†$2000+.
    Once you sell over $2000 worth of products, you will be upgraded to this program.
    You will get 20% commission for every sale.


Our Commission Programs

      In addition, once you generate monthly sales worth $750 or more, you will have the option to add affiliates, and get a commission off of their driven sales. When the time comes, we will show you how to do that. 


      How to promote the store and make money?

      There are a few easy ways to promote the store and generate sales, and more importantly, money in your account:

      1. Once you become an affiliate, you'll get a unique affiliate link.
        You can then share your unique affiliate link for the store on your social media.

      2. Use the banners and videos found at this folder. Don't forget to also use your own unique affiliate link when you post one of the banners or videos on your social media. 

      3. Generate a link to specific products, which is easily done from your dashboard. Simply enter that specific product's URL, or search for a product from the list, and then click the "Generate" button.
        Copy the new link that contains your affiliate ID, and promote it on your site or social media.

      For any questions, please contact us and we'd be happy to assist.