The Top 27 funniest T-shirts online!

The Top 27 funniest T-shirts online!

Have you ever wanted to order a really cool T-shirt for yourself (or as a present to a friend), but didn't know where to look for one? It is hard to find that one T-shirt that is exactly what you were looking for. I have decided to search the internet and find what I believe are the 27 funniest T-shirts out there, so that you won't have to.

In order to do that, I have searched for days, seen thousands of T-shirt designs, and I bring you what I believe are the top 27 funniest ones.

But... who the hell am I to write such a post?

My name is Royi Berkovitz and I am a T-shirt designer. I have been interested in T-shirts most of my life, and started designing around 2012. As a designer, I have decided not to include any of my designs in this list. If you want, feel free to check out my designs here. However, it would be cocky and plain dumb if an artist thought his own designs should be included on such a list. If you guys like my designs, you can make your own list and include some of them in it, but me? I'd rather use this blog post to credit other designers. 
I can also honestly say that the artist and websites mentioned here do not know that I am writing about them. This article is based on my opinion alone, so if you are mentioned here, it is because I really appreciate your art.  

how did I decide what designs made it on this list?

I believe that a good design has to have one of two things, or both:

A great idea

The idea is, more often than not, is at least as important as the actual drawing or design itself. A T-shirt with a good design idea is better, in many cases, than a really nicely drawn (or edited) T-shirt, with an "okay" or a bad idea. 

A beautifully made design

On the other hand, if a T-shirt is made so beautifully that it takes your breath away,then the fact that the idea isn't always awesome, doesn't matter much, because if the T-shirt is beautifully made, it will still be bought and become a success. 

Obviously, the best T-shirts have both a great idea, and a great design to match that idea. 

Making this list, I searched for T-shirts related to the mainstream, movies, TV, art, relationships, common hobbies, and more. I tried to stay away from niche topics. For that, there would be other lists, more specific. 

In order to have made this list, a design has to be funny. a beautiful design with nothing funny about it can't make it on this list. So, I apologize to artists that draw or design beautifully, yet not in a funny way. I would still buy your stuff, but I totally ignored you while writing this. You know who you are, though and you have my respect.

So, without further ado, lets get on with the top 27 funniest T-shirts online today.


27. He Can Change

This design is made by Grant Stephen Shepley (a.k.a. Gamma Ray), and it can be found on Threadless. I liked it because I like the Transformers and, more importantly, the word-play is awesome. 

26. The Cookie Muncher

This Hilarious designs is one of my favorites. It is made by Alvaro (a.k.a. Ideas Con Patatas), and can be found on Design by Humans.

25. Old Gamer

This design, made by Nicholas Ginty (a.k.a Gintron), can be found on Shirtoid, Threadless and other websites. It is nicely made and every gamer who is over 30 can probably relate to it. 

24. Banana Fiction

There are a lot of versions, or parodies is a better definition, for that specific Pulp Fiction scene. I know of about 30. This one is very well made. Designed by Alberto Arni, it is one of the best and funniest parodies of pulp Fiction, that I have seen so far. It can be found on Threadless. 

23. The Black Knight Rises

OK, I have to admit it took me a minute to get the joke, but Nathan Davis, this is brilliant. It is obviously a parody of Monty Python and Batman, and it is so well made that it is great. I especially like the rabbit in the background. I looked at other drawings of Nathan, and he is awesome.

22.  I'm Cumin

T-shirt Hell sure have some funny T-shirts. Sadly, they don't write who made the designs there. With that said, I couldn't leave-out such a nicely made, amusing design. 

21. Can't Someone Else Just Do It?

Take two well knows subjects (in this case, Nike and Simpsons), combine them nicely, and you have a winner. This can be found on Red Bubble.

20. The Fresh Prince

A great piece of work by Red Bug, as He-Man and The Fresh Prince are mixed in an awesome drawing. This is what I mean when I say that a combination of a good ida with nice artistic skills is always a winner. 

19. The Turtle King

In this nicely made drawing, Splinter is showing Leonardo, in an homage to the Lon King. JayHai has made it so artistically well presented. 

18. Super Alien

Looking at more of Jayhai's work, I simply could not omit this fantastic design from this list. Beautiful!

17. Step Aside, Coffee!

Another awesome work, this time by Roboface. It can be found on Design by Humans. I can totally relate to the message shown here. 

16. Yoshi's Island

I like Jurassic Park parodies, as well as Mario ones. I even made a few of my own. This Sole-Vision design is really nice. I like the fact that the whole thing is shaped like an egg. 

15. Clever Girl

This T-shirt can be found at SnorgTees and it is a reference to Jurassic Park's part of the film where a dinosaur eats some hunter. Funny use f the "clever"part.

14.  Super Starry Night

A designer called Naolito has made this awesome design. Mario and Van-Gogh at the same time. Awesome.

13. Banksy Flower

While on the subject of Naolito, he also made this amazing Banksy parody, also using Mario and a flower. It is insane - how imaginative the human brain and perception is, isn't it?

12. Retro Evolution

This design is made by Nathan Davis, already mentioned here earlier. Very clever Mario T-shirt design. 

11. Mouse Screwing a Mouse in a Mouse Trap

This is actually the name of this design. I probably would have called it "Mouse Job" or something like that. In any case, this was drawn by Funks Amazon (couldn't find him anywhere else) and you can get it on Spread Shirt. 

10. Something With a Very Long Name... and Batman

This T-shirt made me laugh when I saw it about a year ago, so I had to place it on this list, since it is funny and true, all at the same time. I don't usually like T-shirts where the only "artistic" thing about the design is the writing, but this one is good. 
It can be found on Roadkill T-shirts.

9. Gonna Crumb

Now, that is how a good T-shirts idea really crumbs, sorry - comes together nicely. I like this design because it is simple, elegant and will surely get a reaction from people. 

8. The Time is Now!

Nicely designed shirt. Again, a good idea is, in many times, more important than a really nicely made drawing. This is found on SnorgTees. 

7. The Exhibitionist

This design is very nicely drawn. The idea is great. I like this design. 
It was made by Mathiole and is on Threadless. Well done. 

6. The Beetle

Again, Nathan Davis provided an awesome design, mixing the Beetles and Transformers in a great way. Nice to see. Found on RIPT.

5. Nineties Friends

Another funny design found on RIPT, made by Mitch Ludwig. If you were born in the 80's, you should be able to know all of the guys in this drawing. 

4. Reservoir Muppets

There are many versions of the Reservoir Dogs photo. I have seen at least 20 so far, but this one I really like. Drawn by Alex Pawlicki, this demonstrates what a cool, funny T-shirt should be like. 

3. Shreaded

Very well made. Awesome Idea. Great and simple drawing. Just perfect. 
Found on SnorgTees. 

2. Skate Park

This is nice. The usage of the elements in this drawing just show how good the artist who made it, really is. Done by Naolito, and can be found at his website.  

1. The Pipe

This incredible work of Naolito can be found on his website.
To me, ever since I saw this, about a year ago, it is one of the best mixes of a game, a console, a movie, and done magnificently as well. 

Let me thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I hope you found some awesome designs here. If you liked this post, be sure to share it with others.

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